The world is going to hell in a handbasket and pretty much all I would like to say is that everybody needs to remember who the fuck they are.

Politics is a cycle that is already worked out by people far more sinister, far more intuitive than we poor chickens. Don’t surrender to what you’re supposed to, what you’re expected to succumb to. This midterm election, vote for yourself.

Man, Bear, Woman — remember who the fuck you are.

Not like how Trump is saying “A vote for so and so is a vote for me” — but in the big picture sense. Vote for someone who you know, whose platforms you support, whose political track record has been on your radar for some time now. Vote for someone you know is strong enough to get shit done, and in the way you want it done, not someone you feel is right for the job.

Vote for someone a wee bit ruthless so they aren’t so easily trounced or roadblocked by resistance from “the other side”. Realize that like it or not, your country has so many different beliefs yet only two socially acceptable political ideologies. Whether or not that is enough is not up for debate in this conversation. With midterm elections so close at hand, work with what you have.

Vote for someone that you know you can rely on to uphold the social contract, to protect the constitution, and to keep babies with their families. Vote for someone that you as a citizen can criticize and question — and not have to deal with psychos and fanatics as a result. Vote for someone who does not pretend to be squeaky clean — because we all remember that adage about how terrible things hide in plain sight. Vote for someone who KNOWS, not about someone who CARES. True, there are compassionate roots in ethical decisions, but let’s try voting for someone who KNOWS HIS OR HER SHIT. Intelligence has been demonized for far too long, and look where we have ended up.

In a shitshow where we, the audience, are also the cannon fodder.

Vote for yourself, not a party. Not a candidate. Not a platform. Not an agenda. Vote for something that you believe in — and what better thing to believe in but yourself? Remember who the fuck you are, and vote how you would vote. Not how you’re expected to vote, or how you’re projected to vote. Or how you think you should vote. Vote for yourself.

Vote for yourself, not against anybody or anything — so that in two years we can all look back and not have to ask each other, where the fuck am I? What is this shit? Vote for yourself so that you’re not going to be used as a mere political statistic.

Your vote may not count for as much as you think it does, but it’s certainly worth a hell of a lot more than an article or a tweet about how the US elections are rigged. Academic analysis is admirable but it leads nowhere if nothing is done about shit.